Lashes heavy. Tightened. Barren and wet. Pretty lips pressed. Tongue tied. Still with a sweat. Eye’s trembling, tracing back and forth. Bitter, broken, bruised, her unconscious conscious takes flight,

“Breath. Breath in. Breath out,” she whispers


“It hurts! I can’t!” she cries back

Every breath he gave, every word he spoke, the light he held inside her. It’s like a poison seeping through her veins. Her body screams. Aching with a false fire of defeat. Every memory, every touch of his skin. Clouded. Doubted. Replaying itself. An everlasting loop of destruction.

With every breath it crushes her

A heavy rock back and forth as she begs for an end. Fingers pressed. Arms stretched. Bare. Skin to skin. Palms sweaty, heart heavy

she cries


“Let it consume you. Memories flashing. Let it in. Poison seeping. Let it all in and, let it shatter what you thought was real. Let it bow you down to your knees. Distill your thoughts. With every half breath you take, Hold on to his love but lift his weight. Defuse the disguise. Give back his air, give back his light. Open the wounds he’s left and let it all bleed out,”

she breaths

“Bleed it out,” she smiles

©ELMDyck deScripted

with model Christy Perreaux