‘if it’s real’ it excites my soul to the core. I find myself getting emotional when I edit lately. It all opens up my heart just a little more. I love the exuding emotion. The kind that seeps in to your soul and snags at your heart. The good. The bad. I love it all!

‘Play a song for me Darling. Teach it to me word for word but let me sing it. Dance on my heart strings. Dance with me. Let me feel the tender. The rough,’


‘Let it find it’s way through the gnarled branches of my inner soul. Let it bring me to depths I have never been before. Let it tear me open, let me feel it all,’ 

‘And Darling, if I’m going to burn, then you let me burn;

Let me breath it all in until my lungs collapse,’


‘Hold my hand. Darling. Please. Hold my hand. Dance with me. But if I’m going to fall, And I’m going to fall, then darling, let me fall,

Let me fall, So that I can find the fragments of my soul

and piece them back together,’


‘Let me fall, so that I may awaken’

©ELMDyck DeScripted

with model Christy Perreaux